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Back Story

After spending several years in the rave scene in LA, doing my fair share of mind-altering substances,  I eventually moved home to Canada & went to university for communications & marketing. The corporate world didn't fit this colorful round peg into a very square hole, so I went back to college & fueled my creative juices by studying Digital Art & New Media. Soon after I started a media company (Loca Media), but I ultimately felt something was missing.

Then 2016 happened. 

I got a call saying my mom was in the hospital & she had liver failure. She had helped so many people in her career but was collapsing emotionally from the inside out. Tragically she attempted to take her own pain & the pain of others & transmute it through alcohol & pharmaceuticals. It was a recipe for disaster that finally caught up with her & she passed after a three-month-long struggle.

Little did I know this was just the beginning. 

Less than a year later I lost the only father I've ever had to brain cancer &  a dear best friend tragically between the two. Unfortunately, the death didn't stop there, my stepmom passed a couple of years later & a very dear friend just after her. For several years in a row, grieving became a way of life. I don't say this for sympathy & I understand we all lose the people we love eventually, I'm just telling you how I began my own healing journey which has brought me here.  

I wanted to create a safe space for people to share their stories, unfiltered. This is where they can share their process & what's helped them & who knows it might just resonate for someone at the right time. 

We're just regular people, fumbling through life, supporting & loving each other along the way. We may be a little crass at times & this certainly won't be polished, but this is the vibe & I hope you're our tribe. 

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