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Hi, I'm Christy, thanks for stopping in... 

Welcome to Awkward Ascent, the podcast where we explore the intricacies of consciousness, connection, & spiritual growth. Join us as we delve into the world of psychedelic therapy & discuss the challenges & triumphs of navigating through spiritual growing pains. Our mission is to create a safe & open space for individuals to share their experiences & insights, as we strive to uncover the mysteries of the human mind & spirit. With each episode, we hope to inspire our listeners to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery & personal growth. Tune in & join us on this awkward, yet beautiful ascent towards a more enlightened existence.

Why am I doing this podcast? What are my credentials? Just a couple of questions you might ask yourself, so here are the Coles Notes.

My mother was an alcoholic with Major Depressive Disorder --& she was a therapist. 

She was anything but ordinary & we were as unconventional as a mother-daughter duo could get. There was mischief, there was traveling & somehow we ended up moving to Los Angeles when I was in grade 9 from a small town on the west coast of Canada.

Life was anything but boring...

& if you don't feel like reading, just give this episode a listen!

40 years in 20 minutesAwkward Ascent Podcast
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Awkward Ascent is proudly produced & edited by Loca Media

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